Bududa death toll rises to 6, new cracks seen on the slopes


By Ronnie Weswa and Annet Nakato

The Uganda Red Cross has said that the death toll in the Bududa landslides has risen to six with 27 injured being treated in hospital and 350 people displaced.

The Red Cross press release on Wednesday evening  listed the names of the dead as ; Mary Cerina Kibone  (73 years old),  Patrick Wakuwema (4 years),  Seera  Miriam Alice (7 years old), Mary Kimono (13 years old), Nasaka Loyce  (9 years old) and Watwasa Emmanuel  (16 years old). This means that of the six dead five of them were minors.

Residents carrying a victim affected by landslides. Photo Credit: Ronnie Weswa

 “Of the injured 13 who are being treated in Bududa hospital, are male and 14 are female including two below the age of 5. Serious cases among those admitted is a man with a broken back and a woman with deep chest pain,” said a press release by the Communications Officer of the Uganda Red Cross, Irene Nakasiita.

The Red Cross also said the affected counties include; Buwali, Bukalasi, Bundesi, Bumayoka and Bubiita. The total number of displaced households is 70, with population of approximately 350 people.

Among the risks Red Cross noted are being faced by those the victims of the landslide is increased rainfall which may lead to more collateral damage, likelihood of disease outbreaks like pneumonia in children, cholera due to poor hygiene  sanitation, diarrheal diseases among others.

News cracks identified in three sub counties in Bududa

Meanwhile Weswa Ronnie of Elgon FM in Mbale reports that officials in three affected counties have said new cracks have been seen on the slopes heightening the risks of other landslides if the heavy rains in the area continue.

This was revealed by Wilson Watila the LC3 chairperson of Bududa while speaking to Mary Gorret Kitutu, the Minster of Environment at the district office during a special disaster meeting.

According to Watila new cracks were identified in the sub counties of Bulucheke, Bumayoka and Bushiyi. Watila urged government to look for temporary places where to relocate those people under threat as they plan to take them more permanent places.

Mary Gorret Kitutu on Left visiting the area affected by landslides. Photo Credit: Ronnie W

“We may have more landslides killing people because it’s still raining heavily and there are still people living in risky areas,” Watila said.

Kitutu who visited the areas affected by the landslides on Wednesday urged those people to relocate to public places like churches, mosques, and police and at homes of their relatives’ places who are in safer places as they wait the response of government.

“If people refuse to relocate voluntarily, the government may use force to relocate people from the risky areas,” Kitutu said.

(Ronnie Weswa works with Elgon FM in Mbale and Annet Nakato works for Mama FM in Kampala)



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