Torrential rains in May and June cause havoc in East Africa

One of Kampala's suburb of Bwaise flooded after the Thurday early morning down pour. Photo: Phoebe Nabagereka


EAST AFRICA: The heavy May and early June torrential rains which pounded the East African region caused landslides, floods, collapse of bridges and deaths due to lightning strikes and collapsing buildings.

In Uganda late last month, seven people were killed after a walls collapsed on them after heavy rain in the central of the country. Another seven were killed after being struck by lightning in the western parts of the country. Early this month six people were killed and 400 left homeless on the slopes of Mount Elgon in the eastern part of the country after landslides cause by heavy rain. In the capital city of Kampala and suburbs there was flooding almost every time it rained causing heavy traffic jams.

Heavy rain down pour floods roads in Kampala, Bwaise suburb

The heavy Thursday morning rain left most roads of Kampala city and its suburbs flooded. Among the roads which were flooded were Jinja Road near the Electoral Commission and Entebbe Road near Clock Towers report Shanita Ggayi (Pearl FM/NECJOGHA) and Andrew Wekona (Top Radio/NECJOGHA). And the suburbs which were flooded included Nateete, Bwaise and Kosovo zone in Lubaga report (Bayola Moses Radio Star/NECJOGHA) , Phoebe Nabagereka  (Bukedde TV/NECJOGHA)  and Mohammed Ssegonga (CBSFM/NECJOGHA).

A home in one of Kampala suburb of Nateete submergerd in floods after the Thurday early morning rain. Photo: Phoebe Nabagereka 

In Tanzania, the heavy May rains left Dar es Salaam flooded and two people were killed when a school structure collapsed on them. Several school structures were also reported to have collapsed in May in several parts of Tanzania after heavy rainfall.

The long rain season in the whole of East Africa was delayed by the cyclone season near Mozambique which resulted in the fatal Cyclone Idai and later Cyclone Kenneth. Met agencies in the three East African countries said in April that the cyclone had held back the rain bearing winds from blowing northwards leading to an abnormally dry spell in April.

However, the months of May and June were marked with heavy rains in the East African countries.




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