Bamasaba cultural leadership raises 2.3m for Bududa victims


By Ronnie Weswa and Judith Amusugut, NECJOGHA, MBALE

The Bamasaba cultural institution has started fundraising money to provide assistance for victims of the landslides which recently killed six people and left hundreds homeless in Bududa, Eastern Uganda.

The cultural institution otherwise known as ‘Inzu ya Bamasaba’ yesterday collected 2.3 million shillings in the fundraising   launch to be used to buy items to donate to the people of Bududa that were affected by the landslides.

The cultural head of the Bamasaba, Omukhuka Bob Mushikori is the one who presided over the function which took place at the Omukukha’s headquarters in Maluku Mbale. While addressing the hundreds of his subjects,  Mushikono said the people of Bududa should be given cash to go and find alternative safe land where to relocate to.

“There are many empty areas in Bugisu and the neighbourhood where people living in disaster prone areas at Bududa, Manafwa and Sironko can buy and settle,” the Omukhuka said.

The Omukhuka said they are not only collecting money but also clothes, food and other items to take to the displaced people.

Several schools within Mbale district which included Mbale Polytecnic, Mbale Progressive, Nkoma SSS, Masaba High School and Nyondo PTC as well as Bagisu who live across the border in Kenya also participated in the fundraising.

Rose Nelima the Speaker of inzu ya Bamasaba revealed that they managed to collect 2.3 million shillings and other items like three bags of posho, one  bag of beans ,smearing oil, two boxes of soap and basins among others. .

The Deputy Minister in charge of disaster and environment in the institution, Mike Wambaka said the fundraising is to go up to June 28th then they would take the money and items collected to the displaced people in a ceremony which will start with religious leaders praying that the landslides don’t occur again.

Last month, landslides hit six sub counties of Bududa killing six people and leaving hundreds homeless after their homes were washed away. Early last month, the government of Uganda under the Office of the Prime Minister had started the first phase of the relocation of people facing danger of being affected by the Bududa mudslides. However, the number of people so far relocated is very small compared to the number facing danger.

(Ronnie Weswa works for Elgon FM and Judith Amusugut for Step FM both in Mbale, Eastern Uganda)


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