KMD forecasts dry conditions for most of Kenya for JJA

A smallholder farmer working on field in the district of Embu, Kenya -

NAIROBI, KENYA: The Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) has released the seasonal forecast for the e-July-August (JJA) season saying rainfall is normally concentrated over the western region and the coastal strip season while rest of the country remains generally dry.

It started with the review of the March to May (MAM) season saying that seasonal rainfall has ceased over several parts of the country except the western, Coastal strip and parts of central highlands. 

“Most parts of the country experienced below-normal rainfall that was mainly recorded in April and May 2019. A few stations in Western Kenya and the Coastal strip recorded near-average rainfall (between 75 and 125 percent of their seasonal Long-Term Means (LTMs)) for March-April-May (MAM).  The distribution, both in time and space, was generally poor over most parts of the country. The seasonal rainfall onset was also quite late over the entire country with most areas remaining sunny and dry throughout the month of March 2019,’ KMD said in its forecast released in Nairobi Kenya at the end of May.

On the outlook for June-July-August (JJA) 2019 season KMD gave the outlines below:

  • The Western highlands, the Lake Victoria Basin, parts of central Rift Valley (Nakuru, Nyahururu) are likely to receive near-normal rainfall with a tendency towards above normal (enhanced rainfall).
  • The Northern Coastal strip is likely to receive near normal with a tendency to below normal rainfall.
  • The rest of the country is expected to remain generally dry.
  • Most areas in the Central Highlands and Nairobi area are expected to experience cool/cold and cloudy conditions with occasional light rains/drizzles. The day-time temperatures are however likely to be near average to slightly above average.



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