Farmers in Mbale trained on coffee post harvesting

Coffee farmers in Mbale attend training on how to look after their coffee after harvesting it. Photo: Weswa Ronnie


KAMPALA, UGANDA- Coffee farmers in the eastern Uganda district of Mbale have been urged to be mindful of the quality of their coffee so as to keep its price high.

Simon Mutambo the agricultural officer of Bubyangu Sub County said that they train coffee farmers on how to dry and store coffee in a clean place to improve on the quality such that it can attract high prices.

“The current low price of coffee has come as a result of poor handling right from picking in the garden to middlemen,” Mutambo said.

Mutambo explained that farmers were given skills and knowledge on how to pick coffee berries and drying them on mats.

Abdu Busito the LCIII chairperson of Bubyangu Sub County also urged farmers to put in practice the skills they have acquired so that they can improve on the coffee quality in the Bugisu sub region.

After the training the farmers were given free fertilizers and chemicals to spray the coffee so as to control pests and diseases.

Muzamiru Wazama one of the farmers who benefited from the training expressed happiness and said that this is going to help them to improve on coffee quality leading to increased prices of their coffee.


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