Empowering Ugandan students through agribusiness clubs


By Anita Rita Matsika, Radio West/NECJOGHA

Mbarara, Uganda – Despite the growing youth unemployment in Uganda, agriculture, a sector that would have filled the gap, is largely shunned by the youth. This poses a challenge not only to growing unemployment but also food security.

It is against this background that the Uganda National Youth in Agriculture and Agribusiness and Excel Hort Consult, an agribusiness incubation hub, has moved to start agribusiness clubs in institutions of learning starting with primary to universities and colleges. Their aim is to encourage youth to embrace agriculture.

During the official launch of these clubs in Mbarara Town recently, Clinton Oyesigye, the president Uganda National Youth in Agriculture and Agribusiness, said they want to encourage youth to join the agriculture sector for employment and social-economic transformation.

“Not many youth see agriculture as a venture that can transform their livelihood. Many have instead gone into petty trade and riding bodabodas,” he said adding that even the youth who opt for agriculture in school do it as a subject to pass exams.

“In some schools, the young people are driven into school farms as a punishment which ends up inculcating in them a negative view of agriculture,” Oyesigye asserts.

On his part, Excel Hort Consult director general, Prof Alex Ariho, said the partnership is intended to get as many youth as possible to drive the agricultural sector through giving them skills and nurturing in production, marketing and value addition.



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