Fear as crocodile mauls fisherman in Buikwe



Buikwe, Uganda – Fishermen at Busagazi landing site of Lake Victoria in the central Uganda district of Buikwe were gripped with fear last week when a crocodile grabbed and killed one of their colleagues who had gone out to catch fish.

Matia Musisi (55) was an acitive fishermen but his boat was destroyed by soldiers in the operation to fight illegal fishing because it had no engine and was using oars. Musisi had for the meantime turned to subsistence farming to survive.

However, on Thursday last week despite warning from colleagues that there was a killer crocodile on rampage in the area he set out with nets to catch tilapia fish for sauce at home.

Some residents who stay near the landing site say they had someone crying out for help and raised an alarm but by the time they reached the water the crocodile was dragging Musisi deep into the lake. They continued making noise and throwing stones at the crocodile.

Residents of Busagazi collect at the landing site as Musisi’s body is brought ashore. Photo credit: Mukasa Kivumbi.

At this point the crocodile released Musisi and he tried to swim to the shore but then it chased after him and grabbed him and took him deep down into the water and that was the last time they saw him alive.

The residents say  because the army destroyed most of their small boats which use oars, they could not quickly chase the crocodile as it takes time to get the big boats into the water and the owners usual remove the engines and keep them safely somewhere.

On Friday, fellow fishermen and residents set out in boats to search for Musisi’s dead body and found it with intestines, heart, buttocks and thighs eaten. They brought the body back to the landing site for burial.

The local council chairman of the village, Abbas Waigonda said crocodile have killed several of the colleagues and others just survived them narrowly.

“We have appealed to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to come and either kill or capture the killer crocodiles but our pleas have fallen on deaf ears,” Waigonda said in frustration.

Other residents threatened to use poison to trap the crocodiles and kill them if UWA does not come to their rescue.


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