TMA predicts above normal rainfall for Lake Victoria basin


By Mohammed Salim, Azam Media/NECJOGHA

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – The Tanzania Meteorological Authority says that most parts of the country will receive above normal rainfall in the October to December (OND) 2019 rainfall season,

This was in the downscaling of the OND forecast at the headquarters of TMA at Ubungo Plaza in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday.

“This season is more significant for the areas of the northeastern highlands, northern coast, Lake Victoria Basin and the northern parts of Kigoma region,” the release from TMA said.

The key messages contained in the TMA outlook indicates that:

  • The ‘Vuli’ 2019 Seasonal rains are likely to have elevated chance of normal to above normal over the Lake Victoria basin (Kagera, Geita, Mwanza, Shinyanga, Simiyu and Mara regions).
  • Over most areas of the Northern coast together with the Northeastern highlands are likely to be normal to below normal.
  • Over the Lake Victoria basin, rains are expected to start during the second week of October 2019, except over few areas of Kagera region where the ongoing unseasonal rains are likely to coincide with the Vuli season.
Source: Tanzania Meteorological Agency

On the expected Impacts TMA says that;

  • Over areas expected to receive normal to below normal rainfall, there is a likelihood of outbreak of water borne diseases due to periodic shortage of safe water and poor management of urban sewage systems, moreover areas that are expected to receive excessive rains, occurrences of associated water borne diseases are likely to be pronounced.
  • Insufficient pasture and water for livestock keeping is expected and likely to trigger conflicts between farmers and pastoralists especially over areas expected to receive normal to below normal rainfall.
  • Short periods of heavy rains may be expected even over the areas where normal to below normal rains are likely.


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