Incinerator commissioned by King Oyo on River Mpanga vandalized


By Betty Mujungu, Voice of Toro/NECJOGHA 

Fort Portal, Uganda – Unidentified thugs have vandalized an incinerator that was built on the banks of River Mpanga in Fort Portal in the eastern Uganda district of Kabalore to burn waste and prevent it from ending up in the river.

King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV of Tooro Kingdom last week commissioned the incinerator on Wednesday last week. Trash cans were also placed along the banks so that garbage is thrown there and then burnt in the incinerator.

This was the third part of King Oyo’s campaign dubbed “Save River Mpanga Now” that he launched in May this year. During the Commissioning, Anthony Kalyegira, the Director Environment Affairs in Tooro kingdom, noted that the incinerator would help destroy all the waste that can’t be recycled but is very harmful to the river.

He explained that over one million shillings was spent on its construction. However, by Monday morning, what were remaining of the incinerator were broken bricks. When I visited I found the incinerator vandalized with its metallic door, chimney and other materials missing. 

What remains of the vandalised incinerator are broken bricks. Photo credit: Betty Mujungu.

Vincent Mugume, the Deputy Information Minister Tooro Kingdom confirmed the vandalizing of the incinerator.    

“We condemn the act and call upon the police to investigate the matter, and bring to book all those responsible for this. We are still committed to conserve the environment and appeal to all development loving Ugandans to join the campaign to safeguard our mother land,” Mugume said.

Fort Portal Mayor, Rev Willy Kintu Muhanga rubbished claims that leaders were against the incinerator or could be behind its destruction, saying that if they didn’t support the idea, they wouldn’t allow its construction in the first place.


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