Heavy rain ravages Teso sub region


By Javier Silas Omagor, StepFM/NECJOGHA

Kapelebyong, Uganda – Floods caused by ongoing torrential rains have left people in 21 village in the Teso subregion in eastern Uganda with no shelter and food.

The people affected are in the in the districts of Amuria, Kapelebyong and Napak.

Since mid-August, the three districts have been receiving unprecedented amount of rainfall.

According to the Natural Resource Officer Amuria, Moses Egimu, the rain has resulted in the washing away of the Acinga bridge connecting Amuria– Acowa to Napak district was washed away. The improvised 1.8km stretch through the damaged bridge was also above the safe limit, rendering the road impassable.

Children crossing the water using joined logs. Picture credit: Javier Omagor

“To make matters worse for residents there has been water – logging all over the area, implying that we can even switch into using feeder roads.” Pascal Atite, a resident said in an interview.

Amuria district chairperson, Robert Okitoi Erisat said the incident had disrupted activities in the districts including trade, transport, farming and school going children who started their thord term studies this week. Its has also made it impossibe for residents to access Acowa health centre for which is the only health facility in Kapelebyong district.

“The collapse of the bridge has greatly hindered school going children who now have remained sitting at home, trade and delivery of social services to the twelve villages of Acinga, and Kapelebyong district which was previously under Amuria.” Erisat said.

A thirteen-year-old, Jane Apio, a Primary seven pupil says she cannot access her school since Monday yet next month she will be sitting her primary leaving examination – (PLE).

Residents were using logs tied together with ropes to cross and people who wanted to cross were also paying money to the people ‘operating’ them. There is also a dug out canoe which carries one person crossing the water.

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