Landslides: more families to be resettled in Bulambuli


By Judith Amusugut StepFM / NECJOGHA 

Bulambuli, Uganda – A total of 70 households affected by landslides in Bududa will be resettled in Bulambuli by the end of this month, the permanent secretary of the office of the Prime Minister, Christine Guwatudde, has said.

The move follows the completion of 70 houses constructed under the second phase of the project, which has a total of 140 under construction. The houses are being constructed by police and Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) at 35m each.

Guwatudde made the disclosure during a familiarization tour of Bulambuli resettlement project supervised by the office of the prime minister.

Guwatudde said the construction of 140 houses begun last May and are due for completion with half of them expected to be ready by the end of this month.

“Others will be ready towards the end of the year as we go for Christmas. And hopefully, we shall have more families being resettled at that time,” she said.

“We hope by the end of this month, 490 people will have benefited from the exercise,” the permanent secretary said, adding  that she assumed each household has an average of seven people.

Right track

Guwatudde was optimistic that the government was on the right track of ensuring all citizens receive a portion of national cake.

“Iam proud of what we done over the past years in resettling families affected by disasters,” Guwatudde said.

The UPDF project supervisor, martin Chandia, said the construction works were on course.

The district engineer of Bulambuli mike Madoyi said by the next two weeks the estate will have flowing water powered by solar.

“We want to ensure people receive clean water,” he said, adding that even the roads were being fixed.

Madoyi said the government had embarked on opening up 500 acres of farmland for households in preparation for the next planting season.

One of the beneficiaries, James Kutosoi, commended the government for the support to the landslide victims.






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