Residents capture killer crocodile


By Mukasa Kivumbi, Bukedde/NECJOGHA

Buikwe, Uganda – Residents of the Lake Victoria landing site of Nabbaale in the central Uganda district of Buikwe were on Sunday overjoyed when a crocodile which they say has killed several of the fellow residents was trapped alive.

However, the capturing of the crocodile was not intentional as the hunters had laid out their net to trap an antelope only to find the crocodile.

Daudi Nambaale a councilor for Ddungi Parish says that after the hunters found the crocodile they called him and he also contacted officials of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) who came and took away the crocodile as crowds gathered to see the huge monster.

“The crocodile was very aggressive after being caught by wire trap,” Nambaale explained.

Apart from Nabbaale, other landing sites which were terrorized by this crocodile include Nabbaale, Kigaya , Lukonda and Kiwuluguma all located in Ngogwe subcounty.

Crowds of residents collect at the landing site to see thye captured crocodile being taken away by UWA officials. Photo credit: Mukasa Kivumbi

However, the UWA officials warned residents against using wire traps to catch wild animals as this is against the law. They also said the crocodile attacks those involved in illegal fishing because they use small boats.

“The water is habitat of the crocodiles so if you go there you have attacked it. You should avoid going to the lake at night or stepping out of the boats. You should also not send children to the water especially in the mornings,” UWA’s Oswald Tumanya told residents and explained that they were going to treat this crocodile for injuries it goat from the wire trap and take it in a safe place.

According to Nambaale the residents who have been killed by this crocodile include Kayemba , Wasswa Erifaazi son of  Ojambo and others. Among those who escaped with injuries include  Wilber,, Benadiina Mubiru and Ziryaawula.


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