PICTURE STORY: Rains wreak havoc in East Africa

Iron sheets which were deroofed from a house in Kagera, Tanzania last week


Kampala, Uganda – Last week all the three East African countries were wrecked by heavy rains which killed people, destroyed houses and other infrastructure as well as causing floods.

It started with the Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA) issuing a severe weather alert warning of risks from heavy rainfall. It was followed by the Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) which also warned of heavy rains in parts of Kenya.  For Uganda the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness had also earlier released a floods and landslides alert.

After the alerts, Dar es Salaam and Mombasa (see video) were hit by floods. Kenya reported the largest number of fatalities from the heavy rain with five people killed in the eastern Kenya county of Meru. Zanzibar and Kagera also reported damage to houses and crops. In Uganda areas of Kisoro reported damage to houses by the heavy rains.

In Uganda according to the Uganda Red Cross Society spokesperson, Irene Nakasita, in the western Uganda district of Kasese, three children were confirmed dead after a heavy down pour on Sunday night.

Below NECJOGHA gives you in pictures and video the havoc caused by the heavy rain last week from different areas in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Crops destroyed by heavy rain in Kagera Tanzania
A floode stree in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Rescuers retrieve the dead body of a person killed in rain in Meru, Kenya.
The floods in the western Uganda district of Kasese caused by heavy rain on Monday night where three children died in  heavy rains. Picture credit: Uganda Red Cross.
A tree which fell on a wall in heavy rain in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Picture credit; Salma.
Iron sheets from a house deroofed in heavy rain in Kisoro, South western Uganda. Picture credit: Uganda Red Cross.
A Uganda Red Cross worker assesses the damage caused by heavy rain in Kisoro, south western Uganda. Picture credit: Uganda Red Cross.

Video of floods in Mombasa

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