Floods cut off Lira access road


By Patrick  Okino, Rupiny/NECJOGHA

Lira, Uganda – Several communities in Lira Sub County remain cut off after a major access road in the area remained flooded following a heavy downpour that battered Lira District in recent days.

Businesses at Omodo market are at standstill as the area remains flooded while Ogwal Achonga road has been submerged by flood water, cutting off Lira Sub County from the rest of the district.

Locals say the torrential rains have affected children’s learning as many pupils are unable to walk through Omodo flooded swamp.

Today, one has to pay between Shs1000 and Shs2000 to be carried on shoulders in order to cross the flooded section of the road.

However, locals say their elected leaders are doing nothing to save the situation.

Because of frustration, they now plan to hold a peaceful demonstration in Lira Town over the impassable state of the road.

At least 158 residents have petitioned the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola requesting for permission to allow them hold a peaceful demonstration.

The lead petitioner, James Justine Olwa, said most children from Anai Ober, Anai Okii, Ongica B, and Elwa villages in Lira Sub-county are stuck at homes.

The learners, he said, are no longer going to schools in Lira Municipality since they cannot manage to cross the flooded road for fear of drowning.

“Omodo market is the only market serving the communities of Ojwina and the surrounding villages and therefore, when the road is blocked, the communities are obstructed from their source of livelihoods and opportunities to trade,” he said.

Anthony Ojuka, Lira LC5 councillor, said residents of Anai parish cannot access services from Ober Health Centre III in Ojwina Division and Lira regional referral hospital.

Ojwina Division chairman, Emmanuel Ebong Opeto, is optimistic that the road will be worked on soon since he has already raised the matter with Lira Municipal Council.


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