Crops, properties, animals destroyed in Butaleja by floods.


By Weswa Ronnie. NECJOGHA 

As heavy rains continue pouring across the country, residents in Butaleja district are counting loses after their crops, properties and animals were swept by floods.

Hamidu Lumaya the LCI chairperson of Mukuu village in Himutu Sub County mentioned the most affected sub counties neighbouring Manafwa River as Himutu, Kachonga and Butaleja town council.

He adds properties like toilets, houses and crops like Rice, sorghum, beans, potatoes including animals have been affected from the disaster.

Malike Musana and Harriet Mutono the affected residents also urged the district under disaster department to support them with relief since all their crops, houses  and other properties were destroyed by floods.

They expressed their fears about the outbreak of hunger which may hit the area in future since all their crops are destroyed.

However Michael Odanga the Butaleja district speaker also called for calm to affected residents saying that they are going to access the number of affected families then they write to ministry of disaster for support.

He also urged all well wishers and none governmental organisations like Uganda Red cross Society to come with support as they wait for government innervation



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