Masaba cultural leader urges his subjects to embrace tree planting


By Weswa Ronnie, Elgon FM, /NECJOGHA

Mbale, Uganda – Bob Mushikori the  cultural leader of Bamasaba has urged his subjects across Bugisu sub region to embrace tree planting.

The Umukuka made a pronouncement redcently while speaking to hundreds of his subjects at Masaba cultural institution offices located at Malukhu in Mbale municipality as they welcomed him back home from UK were he paid  a one and half weeks visit  to Bamasaba living there .

According to Mushikori, disasters like floods and mudslide are hitting districts of Masaba land like Bulambuli Bududa, Manafwa, Sironko and Bulabuli due to current high level of deforestations and poor farming methods.

He also says that in ancient days such disasters have not been happening because the population was low which cant pressure on trees and environment but urging people to plant at least ten trees at their respective homes in a month  that such to curb disasters.

Lillian Mutonyi the wife of Mushikori also revealed as starting December this year, a team from London and Wales is going to come and move at all rural area primary and secondary schools teaching girls on how to make reusable sanitary pads.

She adds that this is going to improve on girl child education because many girls are dropping out of schools due to lack of sanitary pads during their menstruation periods time.

Omara Nyofe deputy minister of cultural at Masaba cultural institution also called upon Bamasaba to invest in their children by educating them such that they can help them in future when they are in their old age.

Sam Wambende and Suzan Nakami the Bamasaba, expressed their happiness with the coming back safely of Umukuka from London, urging their fellows Bamasaba to stop fighting the current leadership of the institution as a way of strengthening and developing Bumasaba.

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