By Weswa Ronnie, Elgon FM/NECJOGHA 

Bulambuli, Uganda -Following floods which hit five sub counties in Bulambuli district this  week leaving houses, latrines, crops like cassava, cotton, maize, beans destroyed has forced residents to start easing themselves in nearby bushes and streams.

Five sub counties which were affected are Bulambuli town council, Muyembe, Nabongo, Bunambutye and Bukhalu Sub County.

According to Patrick Washeba resident from Bukhalu Sub County they have decided to easy themselves in nearby bushes and streams because most of their latrines were brought down by water during flooding.

He adds that they are sharing stagnant and stream water with animals for drinking and home use which they are not safe since other people are defecating there.

John Wamala from Muyembe Sub County also adds that they expect hunger outbreak in future since all their crops like casaba, potatoes, cotton, beans among others were buried by floods.

James Mwanikha the LCI chairperson of Butta village in Nabongo Sub County also expressed his worries about cholera; bilharzias among other related water borne diseases may break since people are sharing dirty water with animals for drinking.

He urged the district leaders under health department to start sensitizing people on values of digging toilets and drinking well treated   water before in their home such that it can prevent future cholera outbreak.

Muhamed Mungoma the Bulambuli district health officer also says that, this week on Friday with the help of Village health team VHT distributed water guard tablets to over one hundred affected homes for treating their drinking water but they were over due to over whelming number.

He adds that they would like to sensitize locals on values of having latrines in their homes but their hands are tight due to finical constrains.

However Alex Burundo the legislator of Bulambuli County has called for calm to residents saying that he has already made the assessment and names of affected people have been sent to Office of Prime Minister waiting for response.  

He adds that they expect to get support like relief food, tents among others urging other development partners and non-governmental organisations like Red Cross to come in for support

Open defecation refers to disposal of human faeces in fields, forests, open water bodies, beaches, and other open spaces or with solid waste.




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