Bukoba municipality faced with floods due to heavy rains

A flooded street in Bukoba municipality. Picture credit: Nicolaus Ngaiza.

By Nicolaus Mac Ngaiza, Kasibante FM/NECJOGHA

Bukoba, Tanzania – Bukoba municipality in the Kagera region of Tanzania is experiencing floods after heavy rainfall this season.

Among the most affected areas is Pwani Street where most hotels and official buildings are found and residential areas of Omukigusha, Hamgembe and Muizinga, which are receiving a lot of rain leading to floods which damage infrastructure and household properties.

The Kagera region in northwestern Tanzania has two major rainy seasons that cause flooding. The first is the March, April and May (MAM) followed by October, November and December (OND).

Stephen Malundo, an official of the Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA) in Kagera called on the residents of Bukoba to follow the TMA weather forecast so as to prepare for the rainy seasons.

An increase in floodwaters is attributed to unplanned construction by blocking the Kanoni river intersections in the city center. The city planning officer Catres Lwegasira says the unplanned construction is due to the people in the community selling plots and building without getting clearance from the local authorities.

“We will continue to levy taxes, no matter where they were built, because the law dictates that every building in town must be paid,” Lwegasira said.

He says the government is advising those affected to move but it cannot force them to leave because they are affecting themselves. He explained that government will continue to provide education specifically requiring them to listen to weather forecast information.


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