By Leah Marco, Global Publishers/NECJOGHA

Mwanza, Tanzania – A women’s Premier League football match between Mwanza’s TSC Queens against Kigoma Sisterz in the northwestern Mwanza region of Tanzania was on Wednesday disrupted by heavy rain.

The match was being played in Gwambina stadium and the rain started when the match had gone for 27 minutes but due to the heavy rain the pitch was filled with water leading to the match officials postponing the match.

“We have to postpone this match to tomorrow at 2pm when the remaining minutes will be played,” the match commissar Emmanuel Mihambo said.

TSC Queens coach Lagu Shinje said he has agreed with that decision because the rain is God’s plan but he would prepare players psychologically to finish the match.

Kigoma Sisters head coach Daudi Lawrence has said that the rain disrupted their programs because they were ready to return to Kigoma.

The three East African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have been battered by heavy rains this season causing flooding in cities, landslides and washing away infrastructure like bridges and roads.

A release by the IGAAD Climate Prediction and Application Centre (ICPAC) in Nairobi Kenya the heavy rains are cause by a positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and will go on into November and December.

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