US couple commits suicide to ‘save the planet from global warming’


California, US – A California couple has ended their life in an attempt to save the planet from global warming reports the Arcata Herald this week.

Dove Sweetwater, 13, and Dusk Lennon, 32, had entered into a suicide pact with several other friends before taking their own lives.

Sweetwater and Lennon had met and fallen in love during the annual Patchouli Fest in downtown Arcata a year before the dramatic incident.

Although 23 friends had also agreed to the suicide pact, only Sweetwater and Lennon apparently put their threat into action.

“How can I bear to be a burden to our Mother Earth when we consciously spend our lives producing carbon dioxide by breathing, farting and burping?” Dove Sweetwater wrote in a letter to her parents.

Dove Sweetwater, 13, had also recently learned that she was pregnant of her boyfriend Dusk Lennon, 32, and this realization might have pushed her decision to take her own life, believe relatives.

“How can I give birth to a life that will destroy the planet every time it farts, burps or breathes? How can I live with this on my conscience?” Dove Sweetwater painfully acknowledged in her last letter.

A 2017 report commissioned by the Rockefeller Foundation estimated that emissions produced by human breathing, belching and farting, of which carbon dioxide is a principal component, was a major contributor to global warming.

The same report estimated that the human population would need to decrease from 7 billion to 500 million by 2050 to curb down global warming successfully and proposed sterilization through vaccination and fluoridation of the tap water as viable means of population control.



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