BUNDIBUGYO FLOODS IN PICTURES: 16 bodies recovered so far


By Betty Mujungu, Voice of Toro/, NECJOGHA

Bundibugyo, Uganda – Sixteen dead bodies including those of eight children have so far been discovered after being killed by floods caused by heavy rain on Friday night and Saturday morning in the western Uganda district of Bundibugyo according to the Uganda Red Cross spokesperson Irene Nakasiita.

The rain which started on Friday morning stopped at some point in the day, but then became heavy in the night up to Saturday morning. This caused flooding in the 11 counties along River Nalulu which burst its banks.

The most affected counties are Harugali, Tokwe, Bukonzo, Busaru and Ntotoro. The displaced are being accommodated at different schools in Bundibugyo.

“Red Cross Volunteers have been deployed to start on the house to house needs assessment and registration to establish needs of the people. Another team is still in the community to help in in tracing and recovery of the dead bodies. The displaced persons have been gathered in four places including two schools in Harugale Subcounty and two churches in Harugale and Busaru,” Nakasiita said in a statement.

The Red Cross has also provided body bags and blankets to manage the dead in a dignified manner before handing them over to the families and the hospitals.

One body of a middle aged woman was discovered in Bukonzo but no one has so far come to claim the body.

Community members mentioned that she had come to buy grasshoppers. Police has taken this body to the mortuary.

Two people were rescued and evacuated to Busaru Health Centre 4 and are now on life support.

“We are now working with district leadership to look for a way to gather all the displaced persons in one place yet to be identified and humanitarian aid will be offered to these people. Uganda Red Cross remains committed to support the communities affected,” Nakasiita said.

A resident standing at the top of his house which is almost submerged in floods
A house which is almost submerged by the floods
An old woman being carried to cross the floods. Photo credit: Uganda Red Cross
The destruction left behind by the floods
Children being carried across the floods. Photo credit Uganda Red Cross


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