17 year old boy drowns in L.Victoria


KALUNGU, UGANDA – Grief and shock gripped residents of Kamuwunga landing site in the southern Uganda district of Kalungu on Friday last week when a 17 year old boy drowned in Lake Victoria.

Police identified the deceased only as David. According to Ronald Ssemanda, the LC! Chairperson of Kamuwunga village said the teenager drowned while fishing using a hook.

“He was a distance away from his colleagues and when heavy waves came, they swept him way. They only found his slippers and fishing tools,” Ssemanda explained.

Kamuwunga is one of the many landing sites in Kalungu district that soldiers of the Fisheries Protection Unit closed accusing fishermen operating there of engaging in illegal fishing.

The Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) in a project called HIGHWAY is issuing forecasts to fishermen and other lake users to alert them of times when it’s dangerous to go out into the lake. 

The project being implemented by the met services of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda is being funded by the British government and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

Under this project, the met services release timely weather forecasts to improve on marine safety on Lake Victoria.


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