Floods damage railway line in Tanzania


By Padili James Mikomangwa, The Exchange East Africa/NECJOGHA

DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – Floods caused by heavy rainfall have damaged a 120 km railway route in Tanzania causing a train to derail.

According to Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC), train transport, which is heavily relied upon in Tanzania, will resume within seven to 10 days, depending on the amount of rainfall within the damaged area, in Morogoro and capital region Dodoma.

The government of Tanzania is currently expanding the country’s rail network with the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) along the central corridor, which means much is at risk of heavy rains hazards on infrastructure won’t be mitigated.

According to Tanzania Invest, the train transport landscape is slated to revitalize the populous nation in East Africa economy, as more than $ 1.2 billion was borrowed from the Export Credit Bank of Turkey to fund the project.

Speaking before the media on Wednesday February 5 in the commercial city Dar es Salaam, TRC Director-General, Masanja Kadogosa told journalists that, the corporation has already taken serious initiatives in renovating the infrastructures.

“At present, we are working on moving the railway network to a higher ground far from the river. The entire 120 Km damage railway will be moved to a hill” said Kadogosa, as quoted by a local news outlet.

Kadogosa said that train-passengers destined for several locations were allocated to other buses, while other passengers were refunded.

This is not the first time Tanzania transport infrastructures got impaired, in 2019, roads and bridges connection coastal and norther highland regions were badly wiped out by floods, limiting movement over space and time.

The train transport economy is crucial to Tanzania, in December 2019 TRC restarted other profitable and high-traffic train routes after 25 years, stirring up competition in the transport landscape.

 Hence—in the wake of damage caused by the rain, TRC is corned to invest in mitigation and adaptation measures necessary for containing natural hazards, apart from floods.

The weekly comprehensive forecast released  by the Tanzania Meteorological authority (TMA) that gave a detailed assessment of hazards in various regions in the East African nation, hence—update coast regions has been impacted by floods, including the Lindi region, where more than 843 people have been displaced, and about 14 people died.






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