Gen Saleh wants industries for farmers in districts



KAMPALA – The chief coordinator of operation wealth creation, Gen Salim Saleh, has urged Ugandans to embrace the Agro-industrialisation for local economic development, an initiative to transform the economy’s economy.

 The concept is part of government initiatives aimed at localizing development interventions.

“Together with other interventions in the agriculture sector, this strategic intervention has contribution has contributed to increase of agricultural production and productivity, especially for the key strategic commodities such as coffee, tea, and fruits (citrus and mangoes) as well as food security crops such as maize, banana, beans and cassava,” Gen Saleh said at the sidelines of Rwenzori Sub-region expo at the weekend.

He said the agricultural sector had registered improved growth over the last four years, averaging 3.0 percent per annum, adding that performance across the prioritised commodities has been generally good with significant improvements observed in key strategic and food security commodities.

Increased exports

Gen Saleh also said as a result of interventions, the value of agriculture exports had steadily increased over the past four years resulting from increased exports from the selected priority and strategic commodities.

“In order to consolidate the gains so far achieved in the agricultural commercialization drive, government is laying emphasis on strengthening commodity value chains through agro-industrialisation,” he said.

Gen Saleh added that the sector will pursue agro-industrialisation through strengthening agricultural production systems, improving agro-processing, value addition and storage, among other means.



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