The IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) has launched a series of webinars as a forum to promote strategic regional dialogue around the impacts of climate change on different socioeconomic sectors.

The virtual event will take place on Zoom this Wednesday February 24, 2021 , 2 pm East Africa Time.

The overall goal of this effort is to highlight the emerging challenges and identify potential solutions and preparation measures.

This webinar examines Climate Change, Hydrology and Water Resources in East Africa. It aims at shading light on the implications of climate change for the hydrological cycle and water resources of the region.

Climate variability and change are causing devastating socio-economic impacts especially through severe droughts, floods, and other weather and climate extremes. Water is fundamental to human life and many activities and the availability of clean water is a constraint on economic development. Demand for water is increasing as a result of population growth and economic development.

Register now to book your seat : Webinar: Climate Change, Hydrology and Water Resources in East Africa


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