Eastern Africa: August Forecast and Seasonal update 2021


IGAD Climate Predication and Applications Centre (ICPAC) has released the August forecast and seasonal update for 2021

Rainfall Forecast for August 2021 Headline: Wetter than usual conditions are expected over most of the northern parts of the region, Uganda and western Kenya during August and through to October 2021. For the northern parts of the region, this indicates positive prospects for the main farming season and pasture generation, whilst alerting for flood risk. Eastern Kenya, southern Somalia, southern and eastern Ethiopia are expected to be drier than usual from August to October 2021.

Wetter than usual conditions areexpected over western Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, much of Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, and Sudan.Usual conditions are expected over few areas in north-eastern South Sudan, western Ethiopia, and coastal Kenya.

Dry conditions are expected in the southern part of the region including most of Kenya, Tanzania, most of Somalia’s southeastern parts Ethiopia.
Temperature Forecast for AugustWarmer than usual conditions are expected over much of Tanzania, Kenya, eastern Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, southern and north-eastern Somalia, much of Ethiopia, Djibouti, north-western South Sudan, and northern Sudan.Usual conditions are expected over western Uganda, much of South Sudan, eastern Ethiopia, central and north-western Somalia, northern Eritrea, and much of Sudan.
Seasonal Rainfall Forecast August – October
Wetter than usual conditions are expected over Sudan, most of Ethiopia, South Sudan, northern Eritrea, Djibouti, and parts of northern Somalia, Uganda, western Kenya, north-western Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda.
Usual conditions are expected over areas in north-western South Sudan and central Somalia.
Drier than usual conditions are expected over northern and coastal Tanzania, the larger eastern Kenya, southern areas of Somalia, and south-eastern Ethiopia.
Seasonal Temperature Forecast July – SeptemberWarmer than usual conditions are expected over much of the region with the highest probabilities over the eastern parts.Usual temperature conditions are expected over few areas in western Tanzania, Burundi, and central and northern South Sudan.

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