A Climate Communications Workshop jointly coordinated by ICPAC and NECJOGHA with
additional facilitation by Met Office and CARE took place 9-10th February 2019 at the Golf
View Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda. There were 26 participants, most supported by W2SIP, 9
were supported by the WISER Weatherwise project and non-IGAD countries were supported
with assistance from ACMAD. The countries represented were: Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia,
Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda.

Reports and Documents

W2SIP ICPAC/NECJOGHA Climate Communications Workshop GHACOF51, Entebbe

WISER Support to ICPAC (W2SIP) Project Infographic – December 2021

WISER Support to ICPAC (W2SIP) Project Summary – December 2021


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