By Andrew Kaggwa, NECJOGHA

The Uganda National Meteorological Authority has predicted that most parts of the country are going to receive poor rainfall in this season.

“There is high expectation for poor rainfall distribution for most parts of the country during this season. However, from September to mid-October the rainfall performance is expected to be enhanced,” a climate outlook for September to December (SOND) rainfall season released by UNMA early this month says.

The outlook goes on to give in detail the forecast for each region of the country with most areas expected to receive near normal to below normal rainfall.

UNMA explains that the major physical conditions that are likely to influence the weather conditions over Uganda and other countries of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) are: the current negative state of the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD); the current neutral El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phase in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean and influence of regional circulation patterns, patterns, topographical features and large water bodies.

“The near normal (near average) to below normal (below average) rainfall predicted for September to December (SOND) 2021 rainfall season over most parts of the country is expected to be characterized by dry spells,” the outlook signed by David W. Elweru for the Executive Director of UNMA concludes.


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