TMA predicts normal to below normal rains for the Vuli season


By Andrew Kaggwa, NECJOGHA

The Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA) has predicted normal to below normal rains in the October to December (OND) rainfall season locally known as Vuli.

“Vuli rains are expected to be below normal to normal and characterised by prolonged periods of dry spell,” the Climate Outlook for the OND season released by TMA early this month reads.

Its adds that the Vuli season is also expected to have a poor start in the third and fourth week of October 2021 with poor distribution and progress in many areas.

Tanzania experiences different seasons for different areas and OND is more significant for the areas of the northern highlands, northern coast, Lake Victoria Basin and the northern parts of Kigoma region.

Among the expected impacts are:

  • Soil moisture deficit is expected in most parts
  • Outbreak of waterborne diseases may occur due to deficit of clean and safe water
  • Inadequate pasture and water may result into conflicts between pastoralists and other land users.
  • Risk of forest fires is likely

Among the advisories for the different sectors, TMA advised farmers to plant drought resistant varieties of crops and short maturing crops.

“Moreover, they are also advised to conserve soil moisture and water by using available technologies and farming techniques that are climate resilient,” TMA advises.


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