Release of the State of the Climate in Africa 2020 report


The State of the Climate in Africa 2020 report is a collaborative product of WMO, African Union Commission, United Nations agencies, including the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) through the Africa Climate Policy Centre (ACPC), and climate, socioeconomic and policy experts in Africa and from international, scientific and technical institutions. It provides a snapshot of climate trends, extreme weather, and associated risks and impacts in key sensitive sectors. The report highlights lessons for climate action in Africa and identifies pathways for addressing critical gaps and challenges.

The high-level lauch event of the State of the Climate in Africa in 2020 report will bring together international and regional scientific organizations and operational offices, policy- and decision-makers, development partners, National Meteorological and Hydrological Services and climate negotiators. The stakeholders will reflect on the need for urgent climate action in Africa and play a pivotal role in the coordination and implementation of weather water and climate-related strategic frameworks in Africa. They will work to ensure effective and coherent development and delivery of adequate, science-based and sector-specific weather, water and climate services for the continent’s socio-economic development.

To Join:   Meeting ID: 861 5679 5397   Passcode: 281026 Location: Online


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