Food Security Outlook – Key Messages

• Emerging and protracted conflict is compounding the impacts of on-going
multiple shocks, including prolonged drought, floods, macroeconomic
contraction, COVID-19 restrictions, and mass displacement, in Ethiopia, Sudan,
South Sudan, and Somalia, driving large populations into Crisis (IPC Phase 3)
and Emergency (IPC Phase 4).

• The agropastoral and pastoral areas of the Horn of Africa in Ethiopia, Kenya,
and Somalia, are experiencing a third successive below average rainfall
season. Large crop losses and growing livestock mortalities are causing
severe deterioration in household food security. Crisis and Emergency
outcomes are anticipated to expand.
• While humanitarian assistance access is impeded in several conflict-affected
areas, large-scale needs are required to avert extreme food insecurity
outcomes. The increase in food insecure populations across the region, in
fragile rural and urban livelihoods, is expected to expand into 2022 driven
by severe contraction in key sources of food and income


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