Climate change is severely affecting communities across Africa, as extreme weather events such as droughts and floods increase in frequency and severity. These communities need support so they can make critical decisions about their lives and livelihoods, to take action and better adapt to a changing climate.

BBC Media Action has been working with local radio stations across East Africa, training, mentoring and connecting them with local climate scientists and their audiences, so they are better able to produce trusted, informative and timely radio content about climate and weather issues. This content helps inform communities most affected by climate change, connecting them with local experts and possible solutions, and providing inspiration for ways to cope and adapt.

To help reach more journalists, more widely, we have now developed a Massive Open Online Course on climate reporting. It’s free, and available to all.

This course will help journalists to understand the science behind the causes of climate change, how international organisations and communities are responding to it and how they can cover it more effectively for their audiences.

Click on the button above to launch the course.

This course was developed by BBC Media Action with funding from the European Union under the Confer project, in association with Norcap and ICPAC.


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