ICPAC Director Dr Guleid Artan while releasing the statement on the March, April and May long rains season said that most of the equatorial region is set to receive above normal rainfall.

“March to May 2022 forecast indicates increased chances of above normal rainfall,” he said and added, “wetter than average conditions could be expected in the greater horn of Africa over the next three months.”

According to the prediction released today, the above normal rainfall prediction for most of the equatorial region of the Greater Horn of Africa region especially in the southern to central parts of the region, this includes; Southern, Central and Northern Tanzania, the Eastern parts of Uganda, Northern Burundi, Eastern Rwanda, Central and Western Kenya, Western South Sudan, Central and Eastern Ethiopia.

While noting that the above average rainfall may not immediately offset the effects of the two years of failed rainfall and a persistent drought, Dr. Artan called on the member states to invest in measures and coping mechanisms that ensure resilience for communities.

“There is an urgent need for regional and international cooperation to support national efforts to build community resilience through investment in sustainable development as the most effective approach towards managing the recurrent droughts in the region,” said Dr. Artan

The Director noted that the region is experiencing cyclic extreme weather events that have seen droughts occurring back to back with above average rainfall that often results into flooding and mudslides impacting heavily on rural households and livelihoods.


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