Wetter than normal rainfall forecast for August


Andrew S.K. Kaggwa, NECJOGHA

A regional weather forecasting organization has predicted a wetter and cooler than the normal rainy season is over the northern part of Eastern Africa in August. 

’Wetter than normal conditions are expected over south-western to northern Ethiopia, Djibouti, north-western Eritrea, western Kenya, Uganda, north-western and south-eastern South Sudan, and Sudan,” the IGAD Climate  Prediction and Application Centre (ICPAC) said in a press release this week.

ICPAC is a designated regional climate organization by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to provide climate services and early warnings to 11 East African countries.

However, ICPAC says average conditionsare expected over most parts of South Sudan and western areas of Ethiopia.  Drier than normal conditions expected over coastal Kenya and part of north-eastern South Sudan.  

On the temperature forecast, ICPAC says that warmer than normal conditions are expected over northern Sudan, south-western Ethiopia, southern Somalia, much of Kenya, central Uganda, Burundi, and central to northern Tanzania. 

Meanwhile, average temperature conditions are expected over South Sudan, parts of central and south-western Ethiopia, northern and southern areas of Uganda, Rwanda, northern to part of eastern Kenya, and part of southern Tanzania.

On the rainfall forecast for August to October, ICPAC says that wetter than normal conditions are expected over Sudan, South Sudan, north-western Eritrea, Djibouti, much of Ethiopia, Uganda, western Kenya, and eastern Rwanda.

After releasing its monthly forecast, national meteorological organizations of the different countries will be expected to release their localized forecasts.



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