About Us




To be the biggest organization in Africa training media practitioners and scientists in the dissemination of climate information in a way understandable to the end user.


 To advance the communication, dissemination, study of and research into climate information for the better decision making through engaging and training journalists and scientists in the Greater Horn of Africa. 


i. To advance the communication, dissemination, study of and research into climate information towards the support of climate science technology and policy as they apply to or are relevant to all areas of human activity;

ii.To secure the widest possible dissemination of knowledge in the fields of climate science technology and policy gained in such research or through Network Members acting in their own right;

iii.To assist in the exchange of information between journalists, media houses, academics and between academia, institutions, like minded organisations, business, industry, policy makers and the general public;

iv.To bring together journalists, editors, media managers, communication scientists and others interested in climate science communication for the exchange of information, discussion of areas of interest or concern, for co-operation in groups and to influence policy makers, business leaders and the general public;

v. In particular develop or help to develop communication strategies towards reduction of climate related risks and disasters by enabling mitigation measures to be developed;

vi. To help develop climate variability and climate change adaptation strategies through communication and other innovative interventions ;

vii.To advance the education of journalists, editors, communication scientists in the appropriate disciplines of science communication

viii.To liaise, and co-operate when appropriate with other organisations worldwide with similar and/or complementary.